Phase Eight Dress Choices Help You Look Great in any Setting

When you take a look at the Phase Eight dress options in this rich collection you may be overwhelmed by the number of style and colour choices available.  Options are great!  What would life be without them?  But how do you make the right selection?  Here are some tips.

First, know your colour and shop in the right tones.  All women have skin tones that naturally look better with certain colour hues.  Colours that are hot and fashionable at the moment aren’t always  right for you and you’ll do much better in a dress that enhances your natural beauty.  The truth is, the eye doesn’t discern what is trendy.  It only knows whether something is visually pleasing or not.  Thankfully, you can find the right Phase Eight dress for you because they come in a rich, full array of hues.

Wardrobe consultants divide tones up into “seasons.” It’s easy to find full descriptions of the skin tones that fall into each season.  Discover yours and you’ll determine how to look your best on every occasion.  Winter complexions look great in colours that are sharp and clear like red, navy, black or even bright pink.  If these tones work for you try the Abigail print dress in black and white or the Celia knitted Phase Eight dress in bold red or navy blue.

Spring skin tones should choose warm, soft hues such as golden brown, peach or camel while avoiding dark or dull colours.  The Phase Eight dress choices worth considering include the Anya Jersey dress or the Julep embellished number.  Those with Summer skin tones gravitate toward soft neutral and pastels with lavender or plum being especially attractive while orange or black should be put on the blacklist.  See Phase Eight dress choices like the Kate in bramble and heather, the Rachel in teal and purple or the Peacock, just to get you started.  If you have Autumn skin tones look for gold, dark brown, beige or camel.  The Butterfly Sleeve Phase Eight dress in oatmeal, the Caroline Rib in Oak and the Juliet will be great places to begin.

Once you know the hue range that enhances your beauty focus on other tips such as matching the dress’s style to the occasion.  You don’t want to show up to a semi-formal function in a sporty Phase Eight dress like the Nightingale Burnout.  Save that gorgeous dress for a festive function and choose the Tweed Waterfall, the Petula Long Tapework or the Sequin Stephanie for upscale events.

Finally, choose a dress that gives you the body contour you’re looking for.  If you want something snug and shapely start with something like the Apollo Ponte Phase Eight dress or the Slinky Fan Ruched number.  For Phase Eight dress selections with a more generous cut you can’t go wrong with models like the Goldie Tunic, the Hookup Zip Front model or the Ruched Jersey.

So many dresses from which to choose.  Now you know how to narrow the choices and select the Phase Eight dress that will help you turn heads and feel confident wherever you go.

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